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Owner's Representation &
Project Oversight

Owner's Representation

Let us help lighten the load.

We provide an all-inclusive package to represent you in the trenches, to make sure everything is going according to plan. We provide our expertise in construction to manage everything from design to completion, maximizing quality along the way.

Our services include:

  • Design:

    • Soliciting & negotiating for design services

    • Managing design process

    • Liaising with architects and engineers

  • Construction:

    • Soliciting contractors

    • Bidding & negotiating service contracts

    • Creating construction contracts

    • Managing construction contracts

    • Overseeing construction contracts

  • Scheduling:

    • Preparing Scheduling

    • Sending regular updates

  • Quality Control

    • Implementing quality control measures

    • Regular site visits

    • Ensuring government compliance

  • Monthly Draws

    • Interfacing with lending institutions on your behalf

Owner's Representative
Lending Institutions
Governmental Authorities

Zafar Farooqi

Robert Lockhart
Executive Vice-President

Project Oversight

We can do the heavy lifting.

Sometimes it just makes sense to let the experts handle the management of your construction project. We offer a wide variety of management services all along the life of your project: planning, oversight, and closeout.

  • Baseline Schedule Preparation

  • Monthly Schedule Updates

  • Contract administration procedures

  • Establish project controls

  • Change order Analysis, Management, & Pricing

  • Claims Avoidance

  • Claims Preparation & Review

  • Disputes Resolution

  • Mitigation Strategies

  • Cost to Complete Analysis

  • Closeout Negotiations

Admin & Oversight

Robert Lockhart
Executive Vice-President

Zafar Farooqi

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