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Robert Lockhart

Executive Vice-President, CFO
Robert Lockhart, Executive Vice-President, Capital Construction Consultants, CCCI, DC

Mr. Lockhart has over 40 years of experience in project management, construction administration, estimating and CPM scheduling. He also has extensive knowledge in the area of delay and impact related to changes. He combines estimating, scheduling, purchasing and management skills to provide insight on complex construction projects.


He has worked with a broad range of clients, including private owners and government agencies such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Veterans Administration, The United States Navy and the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority.

Before becoming Vice President of Blake Construction Co., Inc., Mr. Lockhart managed construction projects with contract amount in excess of $300 million. These were technically complex, competitively bid, high-end projects, including the Veterans Administration Hospital in Richmond, Virginia; two subway stations for the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority; training, laboratory, testing and storage facilities for the Trident Submarine; schools, office buildings and others. As the Project Manager for the construction of the VA Hospital in New Orleans, he was required to coordinate the 30 phases of the selective demolition, abatement of hazardous materials and renovation.

As a Vice President of Blake Construction, Mr. Lockhart estimated competitive projects such as the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Balboa Park Navy Hospital, and laboratories for the U.S. Army and the University of California.

Mr. Lockhart also has experience in privately funded projects, including a major demolition and rebuild to create a high-end Class A office and mixed-use building at 1425 K Street in Washington, DC, a Marlo Furniture Warehouse in Alexandria, VA and a new medical office building at 6001 Executive Boulevard in Rockville, Maryland. Mr. Lockhart has used his technical expertise to manage special construction projects such as major cast-in-place concrete structures with masonry/precast exteriors. Mr. Lockhart has been instrumental in solving complex construction problems in the scheduling, purchasing and construction of these projects.

He has worked in construction since receiving a Master of Architecture Degree specializing in construction management, from Texas A&M University. Over the years, he has furthered his knowledge of changes, claims and general construction methods through various training programs and seminars.

Mr. Lockhart provides added value to clients on delay and impact issues. He has experience preparing, submitting and negotiating claims for projects as varied as hospitals, sewage treatment facilities and subway stations. This diverse knowledge, combined with his technical background, allows him to give an informed perspective on projects of any scale and category. As a General Contractor his list of clients includes The U.S. Navy; the General Services Administration, the Veteran’s Administration; the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority, and Marlo Furniture.

Utilizing the combination of management skills, building construction experience, and technical expertise, Mr. Lockhart has been successful throughout his career at Blake Construction Co., Inc. in bringing to closure all issues on his construction projects. His experience in working with the Federal Government and understanding of the Federal Acquisition Regulations has resulted in the successful resolution of projects, dealing with extremely complex issues on technically complex federal projects. Now, as one of the founders and principals of Capital Construction Consultants, Inc., Mr. Lockhart brings his unique and vast experience to assist others in the Construction Industry.

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Vice President

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