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Surety Claims

Surety Claims

We're all about avoiding unnecessary losses.

We offer extensive expertise with sureties, in both friendly and hostile environments. We have helped clients through default termination proceedings, contract re-procurement, financial restitution settlements, takeover agreements, and risk assessments.


You can rest assured that we will provide you with reliable information on the status and potential issues of a project. We will alert you of the potential risks involved with re-procurement, at or near the time of default. The surety can then make responsible financial decisions, and respond decisively to troubled projects.

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Surety Services
  • Project Analysis

  • Exposure Analysis

  • Preliminary Evaluation

  • Risk Assessment

  • Cost-to-Complete Estimates

  • Take-Over Agreements

  • Contract Re-Procurement

  • Termination/Default Disputes

William (Bill) Farneth

Vice President

Robert Lockhart
Executive Vice-President

Mark Kost
Vice President

Zafar Farooqi

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